What does it mean to be #digital at Amway?

18 August, 2021

Life at Amway

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The Amway Europe Digital Team is diverse, full of energy and determination, and always brings creative ideas to life. They come from different backgrounds, different countries and have different areas of expertise, but together they create one team.
The team is instrumental in Amway’s digital transformation journey, as it works on strategic projects involving Amway’s online platform and mobile applications. They work across different channels, including social media and Amway-owned platforms, across 29 European markets and various languages. To meet the needs of the dynamic business environment, the Digital Team follows agile methodology and adjusts to changes on the fly, constantly coming up with new process updates or automation tools.

But there is more to life than work! These ladies and gentlemen have their own hobbies, families, personality quirks, types of humor… and we love it!

Our Digital Team’s motto could be:

Work hard and play hard. In the digital and real world.

Get to know them better:



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