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22 August, 2022

Life at Amway

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MyWay is an employee-driven program aimed at making ABSC something more than just a simple workplace. It gives employees a chance to show initiative and implement their ideas related to team building, well-being, culture, charity, and above all – having fun!

A group of volunteers – the MyWay Ambassadors – organizes various events and activities, such as national days, holiday celebrations, sports trainings, hobby evenings, charities, and many more.

See what MyWay Team has prepared for all of you this year!


Squash-courts are booked regularly at Squash4You. Equipment rental is included but you can bring your own racket as well. Everyone who wants to play is welcome!


After some break, Amway volleyball team is back in the game! It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or just want to come and play for fun. Join us in Studium Wychowania Fizycznego i Sportu AGH.

Wakeboarding and SUP

Ever tried flying across the water on a board? Or are you more of a chill type and like to paddle along and explore the beauty of nature in peace? Water rat or not, wakeboarding and SUP activities are waiting for you at Wakepoint Kraków Bagry.

Foosball Tournament

As the World Cup 2022 is coming, we have Amway Foosball Tournament in our office! Between June and October, we have a round of matches where teams play with each other. With each new round excitement and competition grows!

Stretching Breaks

Stretching breaks take place twice a week in the Fitness room on the 5th floor. Use this opportunity to stand up from your desk and stretch your body! ​​​​​​​

Lucky Number

Come to the office and put your name in the box on the reception stand on the 5th floor and give yourself a chance to be awarded with a voucher to! Each Wednesday, at 11 am 3 names are drawn from the box.

UA Charity

At the end of May, UA Charity Sale of Amway Gadgets took place. Our employees had a chance to hunt for beach towels, bee slippers, running t-shirts, sweatshirts, travel bags and many other products with Amway logo.

Healthy Week

At the end of June, MyWay Team organized Healthy Week in our office. We could enjoy:

  • Grand opening of Fitness Room,
  • Fresh Food Day when everyone could prepare themselves a salad from ingredients provided in our kitchens,
  • Bikers’ Day with the opportunity to become familiar with bike facilities in High5ive building,
  • Step Contest with nice prizes for the most active employees.

Check out the photos!


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