The Amway GBS Library

06 October, 2021

Life at Amway

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​​​​​​​Books influence our private and professional life, they allow us to gain knowledge, develop passion and they are a great inspiration.

Thanks to reading books our imagination develops, we improve our memory, focus, and concentration.

Books also shape our personality and influence our world view, oh, and let’s not forget about the rest and relaxation we get from reading!

Taking all these aspects into consideration, we have created a unique place in our office –

The Amway GBS Library

We believe that each of our employees will find something interesting to read for themselves!

In our library, you will find important books from all over the world, diverse in subject and selected based on world rankings.

The Amway’s Library includes not only business, management, and organizational books but also a list of bestsellers, psychological books, thrillers, reports, novels, and books describing the artists after whom our conference rooms are named! ​​​​​​​



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