Before Interview Guideline – How to Do Best During Recruitment?

22 February, 2022


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While applying for a new job for sure you are thinking about how to prepare for the interview. Below you will find some tips from our recruiters on how you can present yourself in the best way.

Each recruitment process can be different, but those are the basics that we are paying attention to, during the recruitment process. Our tips though should be useful for you no matter what kind of position you’re applying for.

In an ideal world, there would be the same recruitment process for every position.  And we are doing our best to keep it as simple as possible. Unfortunately, very often we are facing some differences so below we are presenting part of the process that will never change:

Recruitment Process

So how to prepare for the recruitment process (at Amway)?

Do some research. Internet is a source of information regarding everything. Read about the company you’re applying to, find out who we are. What’s the core of the company business?  When was the company founded? Where the company operates and how many employees it’s hiring? Knowing answers to such questions will not only present you as a prepared Candidate but also give you some insight into what company you want to join.

Information about Amway GBS and our teams in Kraków, you will find on our website, in the About Us section.


Prepare yourself for the questions from the recruitment team. Before the interview, Candidates usually wonder what questions the recruiters will ask. The hints to what you can expect during the interview are right in the job description. Read the job description carefully and think of how you imagine your daily duties. Think of your competencies and previous experience – how they can be used in our company. Think also about real examples from your professional life or from studies – that will be proof of your skills and competencies.


Prepare your own questions. The interview is just the right moment to ask all questions that you may have – regarding the company, job, and team. This is also a time for you to check if this company, team, and position is the one you would like to join. Don’t hesitate to ask your questions.


Take care of the technical side. Currently (March 2022) Amway recruitment process is held 100% online – and as we will have contact during the collaboration tool, there are some additional aspects to take into consideration. First of all, if it’s only possible – use a computer. This way we can see you on a larger screen and you avoid the shaking effect. Sit in a calm place, where no one will disturb you. Seeing each other on the camera is a must during the online interview. That’s why make sure your camera is working correctly and take care of light in the room – make sure you don’t sit with a window behind you and remember to look at the camera during the conversation.


Last but not least! Stay Calm. Show Professionalism. Be POSITIVE!


It is not that scary, isn’t it? Try yourself and apply! In the jobs section, you will find all the roles that we have currently open. Try yourself and apply!

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